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  • What is pine wood moulding What is pine wood moulding Jul 12, 2022
    Pine wood mouldings are referred to all kinds of mouldings which make by pine and environmental water base painting   Pine wood mouldings are mainly used as waist trim lines for interior walls of buildings, wall opening trim lines, bead trim lines for retaining walls and leggings, door frame trim lines, ceiling trim corner lines, railings and handrail trims, doors, windows and furniture trims and so on   We mainly call them as baseboard moulding, chair rail moulding, crown moulding, door stop casing molding, quarter round moulding, shoe moulding, window & door casing and so on   Hechang wood industry co., ltd is specialized in producing all kinds of radiata pine wood mouldings  
  • Classification and use of solid wood strips Classification and use of solid wood strips Jul 12, 2022
    Wood strips are commonly used for decoration today, and solid wood strips can be used to decorate handicrafts. Solid wood strips are made of wood with hard quality, thin wood, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no splitting, smooth cut surface, good processing properties, easy to paint, good adhesion, and strong nailing force. After drying , It is processed by machine or by hand. During the woodworking operation of home decoration, solid wood lines can play a decorative role, that is, use the processed lines to cover the parts with poor visual effect, and can also play a protective role. , especially at the closing position of the veneer   Classification and function of solid wood lines:   Ceiling crown moulding trim: edge sealing at the junction of different levels of surfaces on the ceiling, sealing at the butt joints of different material surfaces on the ceiling, molding line on the ceiling plane, and edge sealing of the equipment on the ceiling.   Ceiling corner quarter round moulding: The junction between the ceiling and the wall, the ceiling and the cylinder is sealed.   Wall paneling: edge sealing at the junction of different layers on the wall, sealing at the butt joints of different material surfaces on the wall, edge pressing of wall skirts, edge pressing of skirting boards, edge sealing and decorative edge of equipment, and sealing on various furniture. Edge decoration.   Door and window casing: edge sealing at the junction of different levels of the door, sealing at the butt joint of different material surfaces, veneer material pressing line, facade decoration molding line, etc.  
  • What is FSC certification? What is FSC certification? Oct 24, 2022
    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a stakeholder-owned system whose purpose is to promote responsible global forest management. It provides standard setting, trademark assurance, accreditation services and market access for companies and organizations interested in responsible forests.   At the 1990 California Conference, representatives of several consumer, timber trade, environmental and human rights groups saw the need to create an honest and credible system for identifying well-managed forests as acceptable sources of forest products. The meeting concluded that the system should include a global consensus definition of good forest management, independent audits of forest management, and a global umbrella organization. The name of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-Forest Stewardship Council) was born from this   So now, wood product manufacturers obtained woods through formal channels, such as wood strip manufacturers, can apply for the FSC certificate. With the FSC certificate, the various wood strips produced by the manufacturer, such as quarter round moulding, crown moulding, door stop trim ,Skirting Baseboard Moulding,pencil round moulding, can stand out from the competition with the peers and win the favor of importers  
  • Bring a more beautiful home from wood mouldings Bring a more beautiful home from wood mouldings Oct 31, 2022
    We can use decorative wood mouldings to make a more beautiful door and window, wood moulding are make by finger joint trim with different shape, we can make them in various appearance, such as lattice moulding,chair rail,wall panel moulding,baseboard moulding and so on   Main kinds of wood moulding, we judge as below: they are flooring mouldings, doors and windows casing and accessories, ceiling and cornice moulding, wall and fence mouldings   Zhangzhou hechang wood industry co.,ltd, with more than 10 year radiata pine mouldings experience, produce all kinds of mouldings according to customers request   We exported our wood mouldings to over 20 countries and win nice feedback from customers, we are sincerely looking forward to having pleasant cooperation with you!
  • How to paint your wood moulding build-in your house How to paint your wood moulding build-in your house Nov 07, 2022
    many people think it may a big task to paint wood moulding which had already installed, actully it is not so difficult if we follow the steps   1. we should wait them until dry enough, specical shoe mouldings, quarter round baseboard and skirting baseboard moulding,because then on the floor   2.make the surface of your wood mouldings to be clear on the surface,in this condition the painting will be have a better adhesion and smooth   3. remember to make a nice protect before your painting job, the paint should go to where it should be   4. use brush to make a perfect painting after your general painting, then all wood moulding will bring you a nice mood after painting   White primed radiata pine quarter round moulding,Wood corner moulding round baseboard trim,Prefinished fj quarter round baseboard,Modern construction ceiling cornices cove moulding, ect...   hechang wood moulding can offer all kinds of pine moulding to you, and help you to build a health and beautiful home
  • Why not use hechang wood mouldings Nov 21, 2022
    Why not use hechang wood moldings to decorate your home? We can easily find a variety of wood mouldings from supermarkets or building materials markets, and the prices are very affordable. Through DIY or design company's careful design, we will make the home decoration more warm and attractive   The baseboards, quarter round moulding and shoe molds produced by our company can well protect the bottom of the walls of your home, the wall panels can make your walls beautiful, and the chair rails can prevent the walls of your home from being installed when you move the chairs. door jambs and door stops will definitely make your door more beautiful and personalized. Similarly, we have a variety of lines for the window sills to meet your needs. The ceiling has our crown mouldings, which will make your home instantly beautiful and luxurious   Our moldings are available in raw wood or primed, you can paint them in your favorite color after installation   Hechang Wood industry co., ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of radiata pine moldings. Our factory products are mainly exported to North America, Europe, and Oceania. The quality of our products is deeply loved by customers.
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